Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia’s jobs are riding on Matthew Stafford’s shoulders. The Detroit Lions need everything Stafford has to win in the NFC North:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Things didn’t get off to a good start in Matt Patricia’s first season in Detroit. The team finished with a 6-10 record and they were the worst ball club in their division. To make matters even worse Bob Quinn fired Jim Caldwell who had taken the Lions to the playoffs twice during his four year stint in Michigan.

So right now there’s some pressure on both Quinn and Patricia. They wanted to build a New England Patriots type of culture since they both spent time with that organization. However if they don’t produce some results right away then it doesn’t matter what their schemes or philosophies are because Martha Firestone-Ford is going to find someone else who can do the job better. All of this means that Matthew Stafford will be front in center in 2019. When Stafford is on he’s proven this offense plays a much higher level. The goal for him should be cracking 30 touchdowns and having under 10 interceptions. No those numbers aren’t easy to do but Stafford is in his 11th year. Aaron Rodgers has had at least 30 touchdowns and under 10 interceptions six times in his career and Stafford has never done it once. The reason achieving that feat is so important is because it’s a good balance between scoring and protecting the football. Obviously Matthew Stafford doesn’t have the help that Rodgers does but there’s no excuse for legging so far behind. It’s not just Quinn and Patricia’s job’s on the line either. This front office evaluated quarterbacks in the off-season for a reason. They’re sending a message to the former 1st overall pick (Stafford) that they need to see more from him. Stafford has enough talent to make it happen but he has to avoid crumbling during crunch time. He also can’t throw four interceptions in week one either because that will shake his confidence and make him timid. Which proves there’s a lot riding on this season for some of the higher-ups in Detroit.

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Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia’s fate is riding on Matthew Stafford’s shoulders.

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