Bortles looks to catch NFL defenders in his crosshairs this time around:

Jaguars at Ravens 12/14/14

Photo credit: Keith Allison

Author: Jon Kuzma

When the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Blake Bortles with the 3rd pick overall in the 2014 draft they were hoping to land an instant stand out quarterback. They didnā€™t necessarily get that with Bortles. While he starred as a quarterback in college at the University of Central Florida, Bortles didnā€™t find immediate success in his rookie season. He struggled in terms of touchdown pass to interception ratio for the Jags. Throwing just 11 touchdowns and 17 interceptions all of last year. While Bortles might have struggled last year, it may be too soon to write him off. Peyton Manning is another promising quarterback who struggled in his rookie season. However it must be noted that Manning still threw for 26 touchdowns that year. That is what has to be so frightening for the front office in Jacksonville, the fact that Bortles only threw for 11 touchdowns all last season. A number that is very low even though the former Knights quarterback only played in 14 games. This time around Blake Bortles will try to take that large step in sophomore progression. He looked alright in the preseason this far, but only time will tell if he is going to be the player that the Jaguars expected him to be. Anytime someone is drafted in the top 5 they are highly depended on by their teams to make a significant impact. Itā€™s starting to feel like maybe the Jags reached for Bortles by drafting him so high. All that could change though if he comes out and has a big season. His quest for success will start at home vs the Carolina Panthers. A team that will be tough for the Jaguars to beat due to the fact that they have strong players like Cam Newton,and Luke Kuechly. If Bortles wants to be the best player he can be and we are sure he does. He must take that first step at home, and start the season off on the right foot. Look out for this match up and how Bortles performance pans out.

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