Bosa will have big shoes to fill to match JJ Watt status:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

All over the National Football League weā€™ve heard the comparison that Joey Bosa is the second coming of JJ Watt. While Bosa might be an exceptional player itā€™s hard to compare him to JJ Watt. Watt will likely finish his career as the best defender of all time outside of Reggie White, and Bruce Smith. To imply that Bosa is a fair comparison to Watt is a complete injustice to what JJ Watt has done in the league. Now if Bosa comes out and wins the Defensive Player of the Year as a rookie, then we can start entertaining the comparison. However JJ Watt has already won that award 3 times in his career and is a rare talent that only comes along every so often. When you go back and compare both players college stats it would suggest that both players are close and that is likely where the comparison comes from. Wattā€™s season high sack total for a single season was 7 sacks at Wisconsin. Bosaā€™s season high sack total for a single season was 13.5 sacks at Ohio State. That leads some people to believe that Bosa could someday be even better than Watt. Truthfully though JJ Watt went through a transformation at the pro level that very few players are able to match. Watt is one of the hardest working, most disciplined players in the league and his genetic make up/ build adds to that mix. While Bosa is similar in size and stature he will need to put on about 20 pounds of muscle to be able to match Wattā€™s intensity. Look we get it, Bosa has a great chance of being a big time player in the league. That is something we can all agree with, but to compare him to JJ Watt is a little bit absurd. If Bosa can finish with 10 sacks in 2016 that will be a huge accomplishment for him. Until then lets leave the comparisons alone.

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