Did Brandon Staley and Justin Herbert set the record straight this year?

Author: Jon Kuzma


What a difference a year makes. Last year people were wondering if Brandon Staley was smart enough to be a head coach? Last year people were wondering if Justin Herbert would ever get to the playoffs? Let’s just say we’ve gotten some answers to the those questions and both of those things went the Chargers way. Staley has a much better command of his team than a year ago. Their 10-6 record is proof that his players are buying in. Then you look at what Herbert has done. He put his health on the back burner to make sure this team didn’t fail to reach their goals. They say it starts at the top. Well the Chargers are proof that is true. Because both of these guys have stepped up. Now the question is how far can the Chargers go in the postseason?

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