It’s unlikely that Brett Favre willl be coming out of retirement but could he make an NFL roster if he did?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Brett Favre made a shocking announcement on his Instagram account yesterday by saying that heā€™ll come out of retirement for the 2020 season. We know now that Favre was hacked or at least that’s what he’s telling people. However this would be one of the biggest sports stories ever if it did come true and itā€™s fun to debate whether or not Favre could actually make a roster?

The two biggest hurdles would be the loss of reaction time and how well Favre would hold up against those massive NFL hits? When you get older your quick twitch muscles donā€™t fire as quickly and mentally youā€™re not as sharp. Obviously thatā€™s somewhat of a general statement because each situation should be case-by-case depending on how well that particular human being has held up over time. Clearly Brett Favre is very gifted and thatā€™s why he was able to play until 41 years old. Some guys get eight years off and feel a little bit rejuvenated. And luckily for Favre he doesnā€™t play running back, wide receiver, or cornerback where itā€™s all about speed and athleticism. So itā€™s possible if Brett Favre could throw the ball well enough maybe he could make the cut as a backup. The other concern is how would his body hold up when he does get nailed? When youā€™re 50 years old the injuries you suffer donā€™t heal as quickly. Also you have to wonder if he can absorb a blitzing 240 pound linebackerā€™s shot and get up the following play and give everything he has? Those are the things weā€™d have to wait and see about but it would still be awesome to watch. If Brett Favre went out there and had success at his age it would be one of the sportā€™s greatest comebacks.

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Could Brett Favre make an NFL roster if he came out of retirement?

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