Brett Hundley is elevating into a starting quarterback. Which means the Arizona Cardinals have a big decision on their hands:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Earlier in the off-season Brett Hundley told the media not to overlook him as an option for the Cardinals starting quarterback job. It was hard to take that claim seriously because thereā€™s been plenty of braggadocios players throughout NFL history who never amounted to anything.

However Brett Hundley has backed it up by playing well on the field. In Arizonaā€™s first two preseason games Hundley threw for 243 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions. When you compare that to Kyler Murrayā€™s 56 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions itā€™s clear that right now Hundley is probably the better option. Of course this conflictā€™s with the Kyler Murray is the savior narrative that Arizona has been pushing since the draft. At the moment though itā€™s about doing whatā€™s best for the team and that might mean making Murray the backup until heā€™s ready. Itā€™s not just the stats which are driving this decision either. Hundley has made most of his throws look easy over the past couple of weeks. Including a perfect downfield strike against the Oakland Raiders. Then thereā€™s the poise side of it and the Cardinals actually come off as a competitive team when number 7 (Hundley) is under center. Kliff Kingsbury doesnā€™t have a choice the expectations are on another level in pro football and if he doesnā€™t go with Hundley it puts his own job in jeopardy. Murray is still the future but now isnā€™t the right time.

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Brett Hundley is looks like a starting quarterback and that means the Arizona Cardinals have a big decision on their hands.

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