Brian Hoyer has won another starting quarterback job, this time he will take over the San Francisco 49ers:

Photo credit: Icon Sportswire

Author: Jon Kuzma

Brian Hoyer has been an NFL journeyman for most of his pro days playing for six different teams over his nine year football career. However there’s almost something you almost have to admire about Brian Hoyer. This was a player who was undervalued and wrote off so many times in his career yet Hoyer’s resilience has allowed him to always bounce back and that’s why you have to respect how much Hoyer has refused to quit. At any point the 31 year old quarterback could have thrown in the towel but he always went out there and competed which says a lot about Hoyer’s character and will to persevere. Clearly Kyle Shanahan has taken notice of Brian Hoyer’s game because this is the second time Shanahan has selected Hoyer to lead his offense. Brian Hoyer and Kyle Shanahan spent time together in Cleveland while one was player and the other was coach for the Browns. During that time Shanahan started Brian Hoyer in a number of contests and that knowledge of Kyle Shanahan’s system is what made Hoyer such an appealing candidate as the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Hoyer has also started for the Houston Texans so he has definitely seen a lot of reps as a starting QB in the National Football League, which makes Hoyer a much more valuable candidate than say a rookie entering the league. Not only that but early reports out of the Bay Area are Hoyer has been winging the football at 49ers practice much better than the quarterbacks who were with San Francisco in 2016. It’s looking like Hoyer is still progressing as a quarterback himself and with almost nine NFL training camps under his belt with variety of different coaches Brian Hoyer has spent plenty of time refining his skills. The question is whether or not Hoyer will be with the 49ers beyond the 2017 season? The rumor around the league is San Francisco wants Kirk Cousins to be their starting quarterback. That means Hoyer has to play great in 2017 and set himself up for another job in future, in case the 49ers decided to go a different route.

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