Brock Osweiler: Making a case to be somebody’s quarterback of the future


Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

Remember last year? When Peyton Manning’s back up was frustrated because when he was supposed to get some playing time. Peyton Manning chose to go back in the game. Well that back up might have had a legitimate reason for being upset. Brock Osweiler the Denver Broncos lesser known second string quarterback had an impressive debut in his first football start since his collegiate days. In the teams first preseason game Osweiler completed 15 of 20 passes for a 151 passing yards and 1 touchdown. Commanding the offense smoothly and showing that he very well might be a number 1 quarterback in the National Football League. With his contract expiring at the end of 2015, Osweiler may have put himself in a position that will have teams knocking at his door come free agency. Maybe when that time comes a team like the Bills, Jets, or Texans will try to lure the young passer away. While you don’t want to rule out the Broncos re-signing Osweiler, and they have said he is a priority. It’s clear from his frustration last year that Osweiler believes he can play and would like a chance to play. If you have a chance to go some where else and start your own legacy or re-sign with Denver and sit around another year in Peyton Manning’s shadow what would you do? It’s an easy choice. Osweiler will likely choose to sign somewhere else and get his career as an NFL starter on its way. We’ve seen other back ups like Matt Schuab, and Kevin Kolb elevate themselves to starter status and then fizzle out. Hopefully Osweiler will be able to overcome the back up odds and be another example of a quality player just taking a little bit longer to develop. He’ll likely get the chance somewhere this off-season if he keeps performing well in the preseason. Keep an eye on him.

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