Broncos announce Peyton Manning will be the starter heading into the postseason:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Denver Broncos decided that Peyton Manningā€™s veteran savvy was what the team needed moving forward. Manning came in and executed nicely in week 17 for the Broncos and that was enough to land the 18th year quarterback his job back. While Manningā€™s regular season stats were very poor with 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Manning has playoff experience and has played on those big stages before unlike Brock Osweiler. Ultimately the Broncos felt their safest bet would be to play Peyton oppose to the up and coming Osweiler. The biggest difference between the two is arm strength. While Manning looked better in week 17 again the Chargers. The all time NFL leading passer in terms of yardage struggles now to make the big time throws. If Manning canā€™t connect on those intermediate and deep passes than maybe the Broncos are better suited with the youthful Brock Osweiler. This is a decision that could blow up in the Broncos face. While you know youā€™re going to get a few boneheaded mistakes from the younger player. Osweiler still can make the throws that at this point Manning canā€™t make in his career. The storyline of the Broncos playoff defeat last year was Manning not being able to get the job done throwing wise. Will the Broncos suffer that same defeat as they did last year? Or maybe Peyton rises to the occasion and the Broncos are the big winners by going with him. That is why sports are so fascinating, they are like real life drama series unfolding right in front of us. One person who canā€™t be happy about all of the drama is Osweiler. In Manningā€™s stead Osweiler led this football team to a number of big wins. Wins that ultimately kept this team’s postseason hopes alive. Itā€™s hard to turn the page on Osweiler if youā€™re the Broncos however at the end of the day this is the professional level and big time choices have to be made. This was a gutsy call by the Broncos we will see how it all pans out.

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