The Browns deserve more credit than they’ve gotten for their Draft efforts:

Photo credit: Jon Durr

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Cleveland Browns pulled some great moves during the 2016 draft. First they traded down from the 2nd overall spot to the 8th spot for 5 draft picks. Then the team traded down from the 8th spot to the 15th spot and added 2 more draft picks. The double trade down is a move that is usually only done in Madden franchises but the Cleveland Browns executed the both moves phenomenally in this Draft. Now the team will have 7 additional draft picks that they didn’t have before the beginning of this Draft process. If that isn’t an A+ draft I really don’t know what is? While many other experts disagreed with the Browns choice to select Corey Coleman. You have to understand at the 15th spot that wasn’t a bad choice at all. The guy recorded 20 touchdowns last year and was the Biletnikoff Award winner. Those capabilities will mesh well with what new coach Hue Jackson wants to do and that offensive mindset of Jackson is why we’ve seen the Browns make several offensive acquisitions this off-season. The Browns also had good picks in Emmanuel Ogbah and Carl Nassib which will help balance things out on the defensive side of the ball. Those two talented pass rushers will improve the Browns front 7, and it’s clear that the Browns are under much superior leadership than they were in the past. You have to like what you see coming out of Cleveland. Yes this team has had their struggles in the past, but they thought outside of the box with their draft approach and that will certainly pay dividends down the stretch. The best thing about these trades are they come at the beginning of Hue Jackson’s time with the Browns. So Jackson will have these additional picks to boost his coaching production on the field. The Cleveland Browns are going to be a much better football team in the future and you have to be excited for what’s to come.

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