The Browns gamble on Caleb Brantley pays off, Brantley’s battery charges have been dismissed:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Caleb Brantley was projected to go as high as the first round in the 2017 NFL Draft but that was before news of a battery charge came out against the former Florida Gator defensive lineman. That caused Brantley to slip all the way to the 6th round and Cleveland felt like that was the right spot to take a chance on the 22 year old out of Crescent City Florida. Well now it looks like the Browns gamble has paid off, the Florida State Attorney dismissed Brantley’s charges due to a Stand Your Ground law in the Sunshine State. Apparently Brantley was attacked by a woman and that led the 307 pounder to push the perpetrator away. In Florida that isn’t a crime because it a self defense act by Brantley which in the end is great news for Cleveland. Now that Caleb Brantley is in the clear the Browns have added four first round talents to their roster in one off-season. Except one of those first round talents was acquired in the 6th round and to be honest Brantley should end up being a vital piece to Cleveland’s puzzle as time goes on. By adding both Myles Garrett and Caleb Brantley to their defensive front the Browns have effectively revamped one of the worst pass rushes in all of football during the 2016 season. That will help Cleveland get more pressure on  opposing quarterbacks and everyone who watches the NFL knows that’s the key to success in this league. Brantley will be asked to control the line of scrimmage and get as much penetration into the offensive backfield as possible. There’s not many 6th round talents that are going to do that as effectively as Caleb Brantley does and you just have to be happy that the guy isn’t going through any legal trouble. No one deserves to go through that especially if they are innocent. Give the Browns credit for taking a risk on this guy and ultimately coming up big.

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