If the Browns want to salvage their season they should start Baker Mayfield. Cleveland has a decent defense now they need to score some points:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Baker Mayfield was drafted number one overall in the 2018 draft but he struggled a little bit throughout OTAs and training camp. However once the preseason rolled around Mayfield showed exactly why he was the most coveted player in all of America. Mayfield has amazing mechanics in the pocket and knack for throwing the football. Even though Tyrod Taylor is a great leader. Cleveland should seriously consider starting Mayfield going forward because he gives this team a chance to compete on the offensive side of the ball. Myles Garrett and company will force stops and keep points off the board. So why not give Mayfield a chance to prove himself and if he doesnā€™t play up to the Browns standards this team can always go back to Tyrod Taylor. Letting Taylor remain the number one quarterback though almost guarantees that Cleveland isnā€™t going to score enough points. Hue Jackson canā€™t afford to concede another season after going 1-31 over the past two years. Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry only have so much value if they donā€™t have a quarterback who can put the ball in their area. Itā€™s not that Taylor is terrible itā€™s just that heā€™s limited from a throw power and accuracy standpoint. All that does is put a cap on the Browns big play potential. Thereā€™s no sense in sitting around and losing games because this organization wants to keep Mayfieldā€™s training wheels on. You drafted this kid number 1 overall for a reason and he should get a chance to lead this team out of the darkness. Itā€™s only a matter of time before Jackson will have to hand Mayfield the reigns anyway so really the Browns are delaying the inevitable. The bottom line is Cleveland canā€™t unravel again and if a rookie quarterback can avoid that. Thereā€™s no doubt you have start that player regardless of his inexperience. Baker Mayfield is the answer and at this point he’s their only real shot at winning.

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If the Browns salvage heir season they should make Baker Mayfield their starting quarterback.

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