Did the Bucs discriminate against Antonio Brown from day one?

Author: Jon Kuzma


In America you can’t discriminate against anyone in the workplace. You can’t bring up their past to marginalize them. You can’t do anything that deprives them of a fair shot with their employer. And the Buccaneers didn’t even try to hide their harassament of Antonio Brown. Bruce Arians went on record publicly and spoke out against Brown over and over again. And It made it almost impossible for Brown to go to work with an upbeat attitude. That’s discrimination. Look Arians is an old school guy. He’s a General Patton military type of guy. He wants absolute power and control. And he wants you to abide. You see this all the time with our parents and our teachers. They don’t care about your rights. But the funny thing about Arians and the rest of those people. Is they didn’t serve. They weren’t in the military. And they didn’t see the people around them pay the ultimate price so we could have those rights. You can get emotional and bring up Brown’s past all you want. But that doesn’t change the fact that Arians made Brown’s job nearly impossible to do. And all you have to do is go back to every press conference and you’ll see the evidence clear as day.

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