The Buffalo Bills have a winner in Tyrod Taylor:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Buffalo Bills General Manager Doug Whaley recently came out and stated that the Bills havenā€™t ruled out drafting a quarterback. While you have to respect Whaleyā€™s effort to find a franchise quarterback. It still would be a mistake to draft a quarterback because the Bills have found a legitimate player in Tyrod Taylor. The former Virginia Tech quarterback was slow to develop with the Baltimore Ravens. However that all changed when he got to Buffalo. Taylor started to show glimpses of what he could be and the prospect was rather promising. Rex Ryan immediately realized that there was something there with Taylor and gave him the nod as the starting quarterback. While the Bills only finished the season with a 8-8 record. Taylor himself had a fantastic year earning himself a Pro Bowl bid. The achievementĀ came after Taylor threw for 20 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. That careful precision and ability to limit turnovers showed Taylor can be more than an effective quarterback at the pro level. It showed he can be a dynamic player that can threaten opposing defenses in a number of different ways. Whether it be with his feet where he rushed for 568 yards and 4 touchdowns or with his arm throwing for 3,035 yards. Itā€™s clear to see, Taylor is a highly effective dual threat quarterback who has seen a massive development over his 5 year career. While itā€™s easy for the Bills to discuss potentially drafting a quarterback. The team would be very foolish to do so and even talking about something like that could alienate Taylor. The Bills would be much better off adding talent around Taylor and giving Rex Ryan a more completeĀ roster to compete with. Even though G.M Doug Whaley is saying ā€œwe might draft a qbā€ to the media, donā€™t buy it. There is a lot of gamesmanship that goes on with the draft. Sometimes teams will try to scare other teams away from the guy they really want to draft. So that less people want to take that particular player. At the end of the day donā€™t expect the Bills to draft a quarterback.

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