Cam Jordan earned his respect every step of the way. Which is why the New Orleans Saints had no problem paying him a 3-year $52M contract:

Photo credit: Ronald Martinez

Author: Jon Kuzma

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The New Orleans Saints knew it was time to take care of one of their top players and thatā€™s why they handed Cam Jordan a new 3-year $52M contract. This deal will keep Jordan in the Big Easy until heā€™s 34 years old and that could be for the rest of his career.

Either way this is a smart move by the Saints front office because Jordan has been stellar since coming into the league back in 2011. With 71 career sacks this isnā€™t a player who could be replaced easily. Not to mention taking the risk of moving on from Jordan may have resulted in a total disaster. That wasnā€™t an option for Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton. Instead they decided to reward someone they considered instrumental to their success. Now Jordan has to go out and do what heā€™s done over the past eight seasons. On the field that usually entails swim moving offensive tackles and coming down the line to clean up running plays in the offensive backfield. Jordan can also bull rush through double teams and heā€™s physically overwhelming. Itā€™s more about power than it is about finesse with this guy and his instincts are off the charts. All of these skills and traits combine to make up one of the best defenders in the entire league. It should also be mentioned that Jordan bats a lot of balls down too. So thereā€™s a few different phases of the game that he makes an impact in and moving forward itā€™s all about winning a Super Bowl. New Orleans is loaded with talent and theyā€™re not that far away from making it to the big one. Defensively guys like Cam Jordan and Marcus Davenport have to play lights out in order to get there. We know thereā€™s one person this team can always count on and thatā€™s the reason Jordan will make $17M per year from here on out.

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The New Orleans Saints had no problem paying Cam Jordan the big bucks.

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