Is Cam Newton the greatest dual threat quarterback of all time?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Yesterday endzoneblog.comā€™s question was used on NFL Networkā€™s R and B podcast. The question of ā€œis Cam Newton the greatest quarterback of all time?ā€ was asked and the hosts Nate Burleson and Michael Robinson really nailed it with their observations of Cam. I must admit before going on the show I had the exact same opinion of Newton myself. After seeing Cam play the game this year one thing dawned on me. I felt like I was watching the greatest dual threat quarterback of all time. A guy that not only had the speed to run the football and evade defenders, but also a guy who had the size to endure the hits a running quarterback must take in the NFL. While Cam can run effectively he isnā€™t just a mobile quarterback. Newton has the ability to sit in the pocket, hitch step and make the big throws all night. Showing how much work he has put in to polish himself as a passer. That translated on the field to 35 touchdown and 3,837 yards. When you also add in he ran for 10 touchdowns and 636 yards you begin to understand why he is indeed the best dual threat quarterback of all time. He beats out some stiff competition in big name players such as Randal Cunningham, and Michael Vick. Stats wise he is better than Vick and by the end of his career he will surpass Cunningham. Another player he beats out is the highly respected Steve Young. Young was a tremendously talented passer who had a little scoot to him. Yet Cam Newton is a much more talented runner and has a better claim to the title of dual threat quarterback. Fran Tarkenton was one of the best mobile quarterbacks of the past. However quarterbacks of the past weren’t as polished passers as we see today. Tarkenton never threw for 35 touchdowns in a season nor never ran for 10 touchdowns in a season. So Cam Newton is better dual threat quarterback than Tarkenton as well. Itā€™s undisputed Newton is the greatest dual threat quarterback the game has ever seen and it really isnā€™t even close. Itā€™s scary how good Newton can be especially if he takes takes the mental strides like Michael Robinson mentioned in the podcast. On behalf of thank you to NFL Network for allowing us on the show.

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