Can the Arizona Cardinals replicate last year’s success?


Photo credit: Todd Jones

Things have been good for the Arizona Cardinals ever since Head Coach Bruce Arians has come to the desert. The former Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburg Steelers offensive coordinator had shown good coaching promise in his previous gigs. And smoothly made the transition to a head coach in the NFC West instantly showing positive results. Arians would come out the gate hot in his coaching career. Winning 10 football games his first season and 11 games his second season. While it’s easy to dismiss the Cardinals success because the franchise hasn’t been particularly upper echelon in the past. The newly led Cardinals are a team that are here to stay and should show they are a contender again in 2015. In games last season the Cardinals were ferocious on defense blitzing often with the front seven. And letting Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu handle things on the back end of the defense. The combination allowed the Cardinals to surrender the fifth least points in the league. Allowing opposing offenses to score just an average of 18.7 points per game. A number that is very low when you look at how talented some of the offenses really are in the National Football League. Offensively the team will most likely get a lift from Carson Palmer returning from injury. Palmer has looked good in his limited time in the preseason and has shown he can still be contributor at his older age. The former USC Trojan quarterback has posted over a 100 passer rating in both games and looks like he could have a huge impact for this Cardinals team. Other notable players for this offense are Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. Together they shape a very talented receiving core and with Palmer back at the helm the Cardinals just might be able to repeat last years success. Still that success or failure will ultimately come down to Arians and his system/culture he cultivates. In the past two seasons it has been a winning formula, so it’s hard to bet against it the third time around.  Keep an eye on the NFC west this fall to see how it plays out.

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