Can the Bengals mature and be the team they are supposed to be?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The CincinnatiĀ Bengals are a very talented football team. They have marquee players like Geno Atkins, and Vontaze Burfict but if they want to truly mature and be the football team they are supposed to be. Then the Bengals first and foremost must become more disciplined. Burfict and Adam Jones are outstanding football players but they have to keep the mental aspect of the game in mind, especially when the emotions and stress are running high. Some might say that the Bengals canā€™t win with these guys because they put their selves above the team in some of the most crucial moments. Like when Burfict clobbered Antonio Bryant and then right after Jones lost his cool in the playoff game against the Steelers. Those mental meltdowns are what destroy this football team and with Marvin Lewis working so hard to get that club there, itā€™s a complete disrespect to their head football coach. While itā€™s clear the front office didnā€™t feel comfortable giving those two players up, one has to wonder if not changing anything was the right move? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. While adding new players to the mix such as Karlos Dansby who the Bengals intend to sign shortly will help. At the end of the day it will take the Bengals being selfless on defense and playing for the team, and another big factor will be having a healthy Andy Dalton on the field once the postseason rolls around. If this team can listen to their head coachā€™s guidance and really buy into that philosophy then they will have a chance to overcome those hurdles. If they continue to play with raw emotion and not with their heads than they will be right back where they were last season. Coming up short in games they could of won.

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