You can compare Philip Rivers to Tony Romo all you want but the truth is Rivers is a much more gifted player:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With Philip Rivers recently discussing the fact that he has been often compared to Tony Romo it’s only right that we weigh in on the quarterback debate. While both Romo and Rivers took over as full time starters in the 2006 season, only one of those players is still in the National Football League (Rivers). That proves that Philip Rivers wins in the longevity category but that isn’t the only phase of the game that Rivers was better than Romo. Philip Rivers has thrown for 45,833 passing yards over the course of his career and will improve on that total as he continues to play. That’s compared to Tony Romo’s 34,183 career passing yards, which shows a 10,000 yard gap between Rivers and Romo’s production. Not only that but Rivers was also able to throw for 66 more touchdowns passes (Rivers’ 314 to Romo’s 248),19 more wins, and 3 more playoff appearances. So truthfully when you’re comparing Philip Rivers to Tony Romo, it’s a landslide victory for Rivers. Rivers was statically better in so many different ways and those numbers tell the true story of both players. That’s not to say that Romo didn’t have some positives going for him though most notably less interceptions and a higher quarterback rating. Which means if Tony Romo wasn’t hurt as often as he was he could have pushed Rivers stats wise. However the fact that Romo was indeed injured so often is just another reason that Rivers was a better player. Rivers has a bigger frame standing 6’5 in contrast to Romo being 6’2. Rivers was tougher and played with more fire than Romo did. So basically it’s easy to see Rivers is the better player when you really do your homework and there is a reason Phillip Rivers is ranked 12th all time in total passing yards. It’s because the guy is very passionate and his combustible personality has yielded great results on the football field. Romo is a very good football player but he just doesn’t stack up against Rivers when it’s all said and done.

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