How can the Cowboys become relevant again?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Dallas Cowboys had a disastrous 2015 season which seen team finish with a 4-12 record on the season. While the team had a down year, it was more so because of injuries than because of lack of talent. Both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant were injured early on in the season. Itā€™s hard to win when the two biggest stars in Dallas are sidelined. That resulted in the team slipping too far into a hole early on and there was really no saving the season. In order for the Cowboys to get back to their 2014 success, the team will first and foremost have to get Tony Romo back on the field. This team drops off significantly when Romo is out of the line up. Believe it or not Romo is an exceptional player despite the criticism he ofter receives. This year clearly exemplified that. However the Cowboys must figure out an insurance policy for Romo in case he is injured again. Romo has a history of being injury prone and the Cowboys donā€™t want to find themselves in a similar situation as this year should Romo be seriously injured again. Jerry Jones has stated the team is willing to take a ā€œriskā€ at the back up quarterback position. Almost subtly hinting towards the team’s interest in Johnny Manziel. Regardless of who they bring in, they just need someone who can keep this team in ball games with their number 1 QB out of games. This year the team wasnā€™t even competitive with Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel filling that role. Whether it is Manziel, RG3, or another young signal caller in that back up role. They have to keep the level of play somewhat competitive. Maybe a better option would be taking a rookie quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. Whatever method the Cowboys use to acquire that back up quarterback isnā€™t as important as landing a guy who can play. The Cowboys should also get a huge benefit from having Dez Bryant in the line up the whole year next year. The Cowboys have a great offensive line, but without weapons on the edges to provide points the team will struggle. Bryant is that explosive player who can change the outcome of games single handedly. So getting him on the field for 16 games will be a huge uplift for this team. With a solid draft and free agency this team could be right back in the hunt. Especially when you combine that with the team healing up. Donā€™t expect Dallas to stay down for too long.

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