Can Julio Jones defend his title as the receiving champion in 2016?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Julio Jones was the best receiver in all of football in 2015. His 1,871 receiving yards were the most in the National Football League during the 2015 season and now Jones will look to repeat as the most prolific receiver in the league. Jones has been everything the Falcons had hoped for when they gave 5 picks to move up in the Draft and select the former Alabama wide receiver. Now moving forward you have to ask yourself “can Julio Jones repeat as the receiving yards champion in 2016?” That answer lies in some of the moves the Falcons have made this off-season. For example the Falcons signed former Browns Pro Bowl Center Alex Mack. Mack will make Matt Ryan’s life much easier and that should result in more production from Atlanta’s quarterback. That means the receivers statistics will improve as well and Jones will benefit greatly from the addition of Alex Mack and the improvement in Ryan’s comfort. The other big move the team made was signing Mohamed Sanu which could go either way for Jones. Sanu could help Jones see less double teams or he could cut into some of Jones’s receptions? So that addition is really a toss up in how it will affect Julio Jones. When it’s all said and done though, you have to expect Jones to rise above the expectations and continue to deliver. This guy is marquee player and one of the best in the business. As long as Matt Ryan doesn’t get hurt Jones will definitely be in the running for most yards obtained by a receiver and his main threat to dethrone him has to be Antonio Brown from the Steelers. Brown is also playing at an absurdly high level right now, and those two should be right there in the running when the year is over. So there is no doubt Julio Jones can repeat as the receiving champion, the question is can he be even better in 2016? Could he actually go over the 1,871 yard mark? Jones absolutely could because he is that physically gifted and he also has veteran’s awareness now as well. There’s nothing this guy can’t do on a football field.

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