Can Ryan Tannehill become elite in 2016?

Photo credit: Joel Auerbach

Author: Jon Kuzma

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had an impressive season in 2015. He recorded 24 touchdown passes and only 12 interceptions. Those efforts were good enough to put Tannehill in the category of good quarterbacks but if he wants to join the elite group with guys like Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Tannehill will have to throw for more than 30 touchdowns and at least 4,500 passing yards. That would be the first step in proving that he is an elite level quarterback and after he achieves that he should work on doing it consistently year in and year out. That is what makes the best quarterbacks in the league the best. That ability to come out and make it happen every game. For the quarterback position that means throwing for 300 yards almost every single game. Tannehill was able to achieve that feat 6 times in 2015. Keep an eye on whether or not he can top six games of 300 passing yards in 2016 and if he does you at least know Tannehill is progressing. The Dolphins success hangs on Tannehillā€™s shoulder because it takes an elite level quarterback to win when you get deep in the postseason. There are rare circumstances where a lackluster quarterback has won the Super Bowl but that means the other positions on the team were stacked talent wise. You can tell Tannehill wants to improve his game, now itā€™s about having that breakout season and really solidifying himself. New coach Adam Gase will certainly try moldĀ  Tannehill into that top tier quarterback but itā€™s up to Tannehill to complete the transition by putting in the work. The Dolphins could have a worse quarterback so you canā€™t really hate on this guy but the fans in Miami are expecting him to take that next step in 2016. We will see if Ryan Tannehill rises to the occasion.

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