This season will be so telling for Carson Wentz. After leading the MVP race for most of last year Wentz will have to prove his spectacular play was no fluke:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Carson Wentz is coming off a 2017 season where he lit it up for the Philadelphia Eagles. Wentz threw for an impressive 33 touchdowns and 7 interceptions even though heĀ missed three games. Wentz would have been in the 40 touchdowns ballpark had he played the full sixteen game schedule and thatā€™s serious offensive firepower. Obviously the injury has to concern you if youā€™re an Eagles fan because Wentz likes to scramble and create plays with his feet. If the former North Dakota State quarterback can stay healthy though the ceiling is very high and Wentz might be one of the next great players in professional football. When you think about the past Philadephia greats like Ron Jaworksi, Donovan McNabb, and Randle Cunningham it feels like Carson Wentz might be the next guy in line. Especially since this was only Carson Wentzā€™s second pro season. Another training camp in Doug Pedersonā€™s system will significantly refine Wentzā€™s skills. Which means the 25 year old could be even better in his third attempt at the NFL. If youā€™re one of the other teams in the NFC East that has to be frightening and itā€™s going to take a serious pass rush to stop Philly. That means the Cowboys or Redskins will actually have the best chance match up wise against Wentz and the Eagles. In all honestly though as long as this organization (Eagles) doesnā€™t get too full of themselves they should be a clear lock to repeat in the division. If Philadelphia wants to repeat as Super Bowl champions though theyā€™ll need to start the season off scorching hot again. Wentz has to be up there in the MVP debate as well. It all starts with the most important position in football which is the QB spot. Good quarterback play always seems to be the difference maker in the National Football League.

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Soon will find out if Carson Wentz will end up leading the MVP race again?

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