Chargers made the right choice by re-signing Rivers:


Photo credit: Keith Allison

The San Diego Chargers have to be happy about inking starting quarterback Phillip Rivers to a 4 year extension worth an additional 83.5 million dollars in total value to his existing contract. The deal will most likely keep lightning bolts on the signal callers helmet for the rest of his NFL career. Being able to spend all his NFL career in one location was something Rivers quoted as “special”. He went on to discuss how he grew up watching older players and how they always stayed with one franchise and was grateful he was able to do the same. Rivers admits that he has grown to love the community of San Diego, and would like to see the team stay in that area. Yet by signing this contract Rivers has committed to the team regardless of where they play in the future. Posting a career passer rating of 95.7 and 252 career touchdown passes, re-signing Rivers was clearly the best move for this football team. The other three quarterbacks on the Chargers roster Kellen Clemens,Chase Rettig, and Brad Sorensen are no where near the player that Rivers is. Nor do they know how to win at this level like Rivers does. Rivers would of been on the Chargers roster this year, but for future purposes it was still the right move to make this deal for San Diego’s front office. Now the team will be able to add playmakers at other positions during the draft and in free agency. Allowing the overall team talent to elevate. A process that would have been difficult if the Chargers had to waste a first round pick or big free agency money on a quarterback. The move will give the Chargers a long term plan and is another victory for General Manager Tom Telesco. Look for this team to again contend with the Denver Broncos for the AFC West division title and they should have a legitimate chance to return to the playoffs. It all starts with Rivers.

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Jadeveon Clowney must produce this year to avoid bust whispers:


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Photo credit: Instagram  Clowney_7

Jadeveon Clowney recorded only seven tackles in 2014. Seven tackles and he was the first overall pick in the 2014 draft. While maybe it’s unfair at this point to wonder if Clowney is indeed a bust. It’s clear that if he doesn’t produce more this year that there will be some validation to those “bust whispers”. The Texans are depending on this guy to come in and add another element to this defense next to the best player in the league in JJ Watt. Together the tandem playing together at an optimal level could be a dynamic pairing that could wreak havoc on opposing offenses for years to come. But in 2014 JJ Watt was the only partner in that duo that was holding up his end of play. It’s simple in order for Clowney to have success he must be on the field. While a major injury is something you can’t plan for, if there is even a chance you can play. You should play if you’re in Clowney’s shoes to prove that you’re committed to the Texans. They took Clowney number one overall to prove they’re committed to him, now it’s time that he proves he’s committed to them. Really to live up to expectations Clowney should register at least 7 sacks this year. While even if he has five you can say that is a start. We are talking about the number one overall pick here. Seven sacks from a number one overall pick is a legitimate goal. We all know the guy was a star in college but there were also some concerns with the guy’s character. As an outsider looking in on the situation one thing that quickly stands out is no matter if he plays or not, the guy is the center of attention. So he has no repercussions if he doesn’t play. The jury is still out if Clowney is a real football player at this level and is serious about playing in the National Football League. Maybe a couple months from now we will look back and laugh at this post for ever being written. Only time will tell.

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It’s time for RG3 to prove his worth to the Redskins:

Buccaneers at Redskins 11/16/14

Photo credit : Keith Allison

Robert Griffin the 3rd was a highly coveted rookie coming out of the University of Baylor. With an exceptionally smooth release and quick feet, the quarterback was the second overall pick in the 2012 draft with only Andrew Luck being drafted ahead of him. In fact the Washington Redskins chose Griffin over future NFL stand outs Luke Kuechly, Bruce Irvin, Russell Wilson, T.Y Hilton, and a list of other notable pros. A testament of just how much the Redskins believed in Griffin when he was coming out of college. Since then though Griffin has been inconsistent and injury prone for most of his career. He has played in just 37 games out of the expected 48. Where as Andrew Luck has played in all 48 games. Also the touchdown pass comparison between Luck and Griffin is also a notable factor. Griffin has posted up 40 total touchdown passes over his three year career, while Luck has posted up 86 total touchdown passes. It’s clear Luck has been over twice as good as Griffin in terms of production. He has even been nearly a fourth better at staying on the field (injury free) than Griffen as well. It’s hard to believe that some NFL executives around the league even had a doubt as to which quarterback was better in that draft, and the Redskins are finding that out the hard way. While each season the lights get a little bit more dim for RG3, it must be stated that he does have potential. He was taken number 2 overall in the first round for reason. When RG3 plays at an optimal level he can be a positive force for his team. In order to consistently play at that level though, he must make the transition to a traditional pocket passer and stop relying on his feet so much. In a system that focuses on rhythm and timing and quick throws Griffin might be able to have some success. It will be up to him to learn to trust himself from within the pocket and he must also be willing to take leadership more seriously off the field. Quarterback is a position where you have to be able to make calls at the line of scrimmage, pre snap reads, and checkdowns down the field. Much of this is learned in the film room while putting in the extra hours of research in order to be great. If Griffin really wants to prove his worth to the Redskins, he must show he can excel at those intangibles. Regardless its now or never for RG3.

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Tim Tebow is a perfect fit in Chip Kelly’s scheme:


Photo Credit: Todd Shoemake

Will Tim Tebow makes the Eagles roster? No one knows the answer to that question except Chip Kelly and maybe Eagles Vice President of Football Operations Howard Roseman. Tebow came into the Eagles preseason game today as the fourth quarterback on the Eagles depth chart. Meaning he is likely the quarterback who will get cut when it comes time to trim the roster down. But after a standing ovation from the Philadelphia fans and a good showing from Tebow after a two year hiatus from football, things might have changed when it comes to Tebow’s future. The former University of Florida quarterback showed that he runs the read option offense very well, maybe even better than some of the other QB’s on the Eagles roster. A good sign for the left handed quarterback who was always exceptionally mobile. That mobility seems to get rewarded in Kelly’s system because a quarterback who can run adds a whole other dynamic to the zone read system. This is why quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson, and Cam Newton have had so much success. Their abilities seem to mesh better with the zone read system than say a traditional pocket passer quarterback. So why would it makes sense for the Eagles to keep three traditional pocket passers, instead of two traditional pocket passers and a mobile guy like Tebow? Some critics would say because Bradford, Sanchez, and Barkley are better than Tebow. Yet we all now Chip Kelly can be off the wall in his decision making. With Tebow being such a good fit in Kelly’s scheme it will be interesting to see if he makes this team or not. Don’t be surprised if he does.

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Ndamukong Suh already making his presence felt in Miami:


Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

Just one game into the preseason and several snaps for him personally, Ndamukong Suh is already making an impact for the Miami Dolphins. The highly sought after free agent who signed with the Dolphins after leaving Detroit has already been the talk of Dolphins mini-camp and he finally got to showcase those talents in a live game against the Chicago Bears. Just as he always has done in the past, Suh terrorized the opposing offensive line causing panic and frustration. The Bears even had a false start during that set of plays because opposing offensive lineman are simply intimidated by Suh upfront. Suh was able to sack the opposing quarterback 8 and half times in 2014 with the Detroit Lions. Based on the fact that he is entering into his prime now in Miami, those numbers might be even better. The guy has been a force throughout his entire career, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. While his time will be limited the rest of the preseason, he rarely comes off the field in the regular season. He also plays a position which puts him in the middle of the action every single play. A good situation for the Miami Dolphins. The defense will surely be better in Miami this season and most of that will start upfront with Suh.

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