The Chargers keep piling up injuries throughout training camp. This time Joey Bosa goes down with a throbbing left foot:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Los Angeles Chargers had a scary moment at practice when Joey Bosa went down with a left foot injury. While the previous losses of Jason Verrett and Hunter Henry were bad if the Chargers lose Bosa then that’s the end of the their playoff hopes. Philip Rivers, Joey Bosa, and Melvin Ingram are the three pieces to this team that aren’t expendable. Some people would argue Keenan Allen isn’t either but Rivers could make it work with one of the other receivers if Allen went down. Bosa on the other hand puts too much of a dent in this team’s chances on game day. If this injury ends up being serious it’s going to be really tough for Los Angeles to turn it around. It just hasn’t been their year when it comes to staying healthy. It’s an ugly side of the game but obviously there’s some luck involved. The good news is Joey Bosa did walk off the field on his own but that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t miss any time. Only the doctors and medical staff can come to that conclusion so we have to see how bad the damage is? Even if Bosa has to miss the rest of training camp and the preseason it could affect him from a preparation standpoint. Which means this is just more bad news for the Chargers and they have to make some adjustments to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. Whether that’s practicing with less hitting or doing more walk throughs who knows? Something has to change though because Anthony Lynn hasn’t been getting favorable results at all and now their season is in jeopardy. Hopefully Joey Bosa is alright and he can get back on track soon but the practice casualties are stacking up and you almost have to wonder if it’s because of poor methods? At this point it’s a fair question to ask.

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The Chargers keep piling up injuries and now Joey Bosa is banged up.

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