Chargers need playmakers to help turn their team around:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The San Diego Chargers struggled in 2015 with a record of 4 wins and 12 losses. The team seems to have problems at a few different positions and in order to get some good momentum the team has to have a great draft at the end of the month. A good draft for the San Diego Charger would start off by landing Jalen Ramsey. While the Chargers desperately need another wide receiver to throw to. Ramsey is a great choice at the number 3 pick assuming that Tunsil goes to the Titans and either Wentz or Goff goes to Cleveland. Ramsey would give the Chargers the best defensive back in the whole draft and an elite level talent that could eliminate opposing receivers. When the Arizona Cardinals landed Patrick Peterson in the 2011 draft. Things really started to pick up for them. The Chargers are hoping the same thing will happen for them when they pick Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State. Some people will wonder how this move helps an aging Philip Rivers? The answer is very simple, having Ramsey will allow the team to get more stops defensively. Which means in 2016 the Chargers should have more offensive snaps than they did in 2015 if they draft Jalen Ramsey. San Diego was so desperate to get off the field last season defensively that drafting Ramsey is really a no brainer. The next round is really quite simple for the Chargers as well. The team needs to select a wide receiver to help put points on the board. Michael Thomas out of Ohio State would certainly fill that void. Thomas was spectacular in 2015 for the Buckeyes recording 781 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns. That type of big play capability would go a long way when paired with Philip Rivers excellence. One other option in the second round for the Chargers might be going after Kenny Clark out of UCLA. Adding Ramsey and Clark would give the Chargers defense such a boost that the team would be able to compete for a long time. Itā€™s really up to what the front office wants to do and what their preference is in strategy. In the middle rounds expect the Chargers to address their offensive line and get Rivers some protection. That would be the cherry on top of a great draft for San Diego. We’ll see if they get it right April 28th.

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