Do the Chiefs need a win over the Bengals to keep control of the AFC?

Author: Jon Kuzma


This is a pivotal moment for the Chiefs. They’ve been the top dog in the AFC for pretty much the last five years. This is the fifth straight AFC Championship game they’ve gone to. So it’s a big moment for this team. We all know the Bengals are challenging them for that top spot. But this is the one that can keep the Chiefs on top. A win here would put the Bengals in their place a little bit. Which is needed after how tough the Bengals have played them. You know Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes want this one bad too. If they hold on to control of the AFC. They could go to five more AFC Championships. If they lose we could see everything start to slip away. The last thing you want to do is lose your edge in the National Football League. That’s why you know the Chiefs are going to be ready. They’re fighting for their livelihood.

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