Who’s the next Aaron Donald? The Kansas City Chiefs have him and soon Chris Jones will become a household name:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Most diehard football fans know who Chris Jones is because he recorded 15.5 sacks a year ago. However it takes a while before an elite player becomes a household name but after the 2019 season Chris Jones will be the next great defender.

Obviously Aaron Donald is the measuring stick but Jones is next in line. There’s even some similarities between both of these guys and that’s their speed. Usually when we think about defensive linemen the first thing that comes to mind is strength or power. Yet Donald and Jones collapse the pocket so quickly and they run down quarterbacks like a lion chasing down a gazelle. Add in Jones ability to quickly disengage blockers and split double teams and it becomes clear just how impactful the 25 year old is. Plus he’s also done a great job of creating big plays by recovering fumbles and intercepting passes. Proving his game beyond just being an athlete Jones is also very good at recognizing plays. Even though Kansas City is switching to a new scheme (4-3 defense) don’t expect Jones’ production to fall off because the things he does well will translate over to any system. The thought of this guy lining up alongside of Frank Clark is enough to strike fear in some of the best QB’s the league has to offer. You can’t have a functioning passing attack if there’s no time to drop back. Jones is going to flush everything to the outside and that’s when Clark can clean up. Andy Reid has to feel good entering training camp with all of this firepower on his roster. These pass rushers can flat out get after it.

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