Chris Harris has made it clear he deserves to be recognized as one of the better cornerbacks in the National Football League. Which is why the Denver Broncos don’t plan on getting rid of him:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Denver Broncos don’t plan on getting rid of Chris Harris and that’s not surprising considering that Harris is still playing at a high level. With 3 interceptions a year ago this is someone who can still cover most of the top wide receivers in pro football and Vic Fangio can’t afford to lose such a key piece in his secondary.

Now to keep things in perspective Harris is 30 years old so he’s getting to the point where most cornerbacks start to slowdown. It takes incredible quickness to react to what each offense is trying to do and guys in their early 20s are usually more explosive. So that puts Denver’s front office in a bind because they aren’t exactly sure what’s the best option for them? John Elway has made it clear that the team will hold on to Harris but the question is whether or not they re-sign him? One of Harris’ teammates did come to his defense though and that was future Hall of Famer Von Miller. Miller said “Chris Harris has done everything right on and off the field” which is a very good point to make. Then when you actually watch Harris play it becomes obvious that even when he does give up a catch he’s still right there to always make the tackle. Plus there was the pick six Harris had against Arizona so it’s not like it’s a terrible idea extending his agreement. However Elway should probably offer a two year contract at the most and then re-evaluate the situation when the time comes. The problem is Harris will most likely prefer to test free agency and cash in on better deal. Proving that there’s a number of factors which will play a role in how everything plays out. You can’t really fault the organization or the player and that’s why things are at a standstill.

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Chris Harris made it clear that he’s a special player. Will that lead to a contract extension?

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