Did Christian McCaffrey take the 49ers to the next level?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Looking back at that 49ers game. To me Christian McCaffrey stands out. He ripped off a big run early on in the game. Then he capped off that drive by catching a touchdown. If the 49ers go on to win the Super Bowl. I think we can all agree that was the thing that put them over the top. It was the trade for Christian McCaffrey. This team wasn’t playing this good until he got there. When you also factor in what he’s able to do catching the ball out of the backfield. Like we saw on his touchdown. It shows how much McCaffrey means to this offense. Kyle Shanahan is using him perfectly too. The 49ers know how to protect McCaffrey. They do that by lining him up all over the field and by using him on a lot of outside runs.

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