Cincinnati made the right move by extending Marvin Lewis’s contract

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Cincinnati Bengals made the right move by extending Marvin Lewis’s contract for another season. Lewis will be under contract with the Bengals until 2017, and after turning Cincinnati into year in and year out contender. Lewis certainly deserves that extension. Cincinnati wasn’t even relevant before Lewis got there. The team hadn’t been to the playoffs since 1990, and as soon as Marvin Lewis seized control of this team. The Bengals started making tremendous strides in the right direction. That is why we’ve seen Bengals owner Mike Brown be so reluctant to get rid of Marvin Lewis, even when the team has struggled. In the National Football League it’s imperative that you have a talented head coach leading your team. Lewis brings all the positive characteristics that make up a successful coach. He is an honorable man, he works hard, he can connect with people from all walks of life, and he gets his team to buy into his discipline and philosophies. That is why coach Lewis has been able to make the playoffs 7 times while at the helm for Cincinnati. The stats don’t lie Marvin Lewis is best candidate for the job, and you almost have to wonder why the Bengals aren’t committed to signing him to a long term deal. Clearly the team doesn’t want to make that commitment because they keep handing Lewis a one year extension. You have to wonder what their reluctance is though, because he has been by far the most successful coach this organization has had. Forrest Gregg and Sam Wyche both took the Bengals to one Super Bowl each and lost. However neither one of those coaches has made as many playoff appearances as Marvin Lewis (7) and neither one of those coaches has as many wins as Marvin Lewis (112). It was good move by Cincy to extend the contract now it’s time they do the right thing and give Coach Lewis the long term deal he deserves.

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