The Cleveland Browns are better off tapping into Baker Mayfield’s tenacity. They need to unchain their quarterback and let him restore their franchise to greatness:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Whether it’s a work environment, relationships in your personal life, or even in sports there’s always politics. Every team has it and sometimes there’s dynamics in play off the field that can make-or-break a team.

Jealousy is always one of those things and when you gain a lot of power there will always be detractors and some of them can even be your teammates. It’s real and it happens even if you believe it or not. So when a report came out of Cleveland that Baker Mayfield was receiving a lot of pushback from the other Browns players you have to question why that’s happening? Obviously some of the team’s other leaders felt like Mayfield handled Duke Johnson’s situation poorly. The 2nd year quarterback was harsh when speaking about Johnson and his desire to be traded but if Cleveland really wants to be at their peak level they shouldn’t be reeling Baker Mayfield in. This is a player who is at his best when he channels his emotions and uses them to elevate his play. This franchise hasn’t had competitive fire like that in a very long time and when you’re trying to cook something up you need to bring the heat. Almost all of the older generations will absolutely hate that approach but we don’t live in the ho-hum era anymore. Mayfield is a new school kind of guy and he wears his emotions on his sleeve. It’s better to get out of his way and let him do it his own way because he’s the reason this team has any hope right now. The 2018 1st overall pick is the lifeblood of this organization and it’s sad that the rest of the other individuals in this locker room are losing sight of that.

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The Cleveland Browns are better off taping into Baker Mayfield’s tenacity.

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