The Cleveland Browns defense is being overlooked and people are forgetting just how good Myles Garrett is:

Photo credit: Joe Robbins / Getty Images Sport Author: Jon Kuzma

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Right now everyoneā€™s talking about the Cleveland Browns offense. You hear a lot about Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., and Jarvis Landry but donā€™t forget about the other side of the ball.

A group is only as good as their best individual and for this team thatā€™s Myles Garrett. The 2018 first overall pick has been exceptional over his first two years recording 20.5 sacks. Garrett typically lines up at the right defensive end spot and left tackles have their hands full trying to block this guy. He’ll go right around the edge and then hammer the quarterback. The other thing Garrett is really good at is strip-sacks. By knocking the ball out of the QBā€™s hands it creates chances to get off the field. By forcing takeaways Cleveland is much more likely to win and it makes for some exciting football. Myles Garrett also doubled his production from year one to year two and that means the Browns have to be very optimistic for this upcoming season. We could be witnessing a player who can finish around the 20 sacks mark and thatā€™s so much output for one defender. The addition of Olivier Vernon will also take some of the focus off of Garrett so heā€™s in a good situation with week one quickly approaching. If the former Aggie (Garrett) can become a top 5 talent then we can probably expect to see the Browns in the playoffs in January.

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The Cleveland Browns defense is being overlooked.

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