The Cleveland Browns traded Corey Coleman to the Buffalo Bills and made room for signing Dez Bryant:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Cleveland Browns traded former first round draft pick Corey Coleman to the Buffalo Bills for an undisclosed amount of draft picks. While those future picks will definitely help build this roster, it was surprising to see Coleman dealt. With Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, and Corey Coleman the Browns had a legitimate shot at having the best receiving core in football. It seems like trading Coleman away puts a dent in Clevelandā€™s chances of a wining season. However the Browns understand they have to win now. After only recording one win over their past two years they know that more than anything. Which means this front office definitely has another trick up their sleeve and itā€™s very likely that trick is former Cowboys standout Dez Bryant. Bryant could come in and keep this organizationā€™s high expectations afloat. With all of the positive momentum the Browns have had over the past four or five months the cherry on top of all that would be signing Bryant. It almost seems too good to be true but why would Coleman be sent to Buffalo if that isnā€™t the case? If it’s just for some late round future draft picks that doesnā€™t seem like the best course of action so thereā€™s definitely some other part to this story. The good news is if youā€™re a Bills fan the teamā€™s receivers just got better. Kelvin Benjamin, Zay Jones, and Corey Coleman definitely have the potential to do some damage. If Josh Allen can mature quickly thereā€™s a good chance this offense will shine on the big stage. After coming off a lackluster offensive playoff performance thatā€™s exactly what Buffalo needs. As for the Browns get ready for the arrival of Dez Bryant and itā€™ll be interesting to see if he can succeed in a new system? The doubters think Bryant is losing a step but his play this year will tell the true story.

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The Cleveland Browns traded Corey Coleman and make a roster spot for Dez Bryant.

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