With most of the coaching vacancies filling up we decided to grade every hire. It’s shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are leading the way:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

There’s a lot of changes happening in the NFL. Each time a team hires a new head coach it completely alters the leadership of that organization. Obviously having a talented coach helps improve things from a structure standpoint which can have a trickle down effect to every member on the staff and roster. So with that being said we took a look at all of the new hires and graded them.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (A+). The Bucs are leading the pack and the additions of Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles are the reasons why. Those two coaches both have extensive backgrounds and Arians also gets a boost for being a champion of diversity. He’s hired several minority coaches in a time when the league has failed to uphold the Rooney rule.

New York Jets (A-). Believe it or not Adam Gase isn’t the splash hire. Gase is a good offensive mind and he should help on the offensive side of the ball. However the biggest difference maker is going to be the hire of Gregg Williams. The move isn’t official yet but the deal should be done shortly. Together Gase and Williams can be a dominant tandem. They should mesh together well.

Arizona Cardinals (B+). Kliff Kingsbury will improve the offense there’s no doubt about that but the addition of Vance Joseph really makes this new regime exciting. This is a huge upgrade over Steve Wilk’s staff from a year ago and the Cardinals are definitely on the right track.

Vic Fangio (B-). Vic Fangio is a good coach and he’s got 40 years of experience but the problem is that the Bears had so much talent on defense. That means whoever was Chicago’s defensive coordinator was going to be rewarded for the team’s success. How much of that was Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, Eddie Jackson, etc. and how much was Fangio? That’s the dilemma in Denver and it was a tough break when Gary Kubiak decided to pass on the offensive coordinator job.

Cleveland Browns (C+). Freddie Kitchens got the gig but Gregg Williams was the guy Cleveland should’ve went with. The Browns are also in the process of hiring Steve Wilks so there’s a decent group of coaches that will be there. Still it was risky move to pass on Williams and now everyone is holding their breath.

Green Bay Packers (C-). Matt Lafluer didn’t exactly impress during his time in Tennessee. The Titans’ offense hasn’t exactly been great with Marcus Mariota at the helm. Mariota hasn’t thrown for more than 13 touchdowns in either of the past two years. How is LaFleuer supposed to help Aaron Rodgers take the next step when he couldn’t uplift the QB at his previous job?

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Leading the way: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done the best job of hiring a new coach.

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