Why the Colts should trade Andrew Luck for as many draft picks as possible and move forward with Jacoby Brissett:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Indianapolis Colts should have been as bad as the 49ers and Browns without Andrew Luck in their line up but fortunately for Chuck Paganoā€™s team they were able to trade for Jacoby Brissett. Brissett has overachieved in his stint as the Colts starting quarterback and you have to believe the 23 year old signal caller will improve with more reps. The compelling performances Brissett has put together should be enough to convince Indianapolis to stick with him. Especially since Andrew Luck could be traded for a boatload of draft picks. Cleveland for example has two first round draft picks this off-season and at the minimum Luck should go for at least one first round pick. If the Colts ended up with two top 15 draft picks heading into the 2018 NFL Draft that would be huge but maybe the biggest impact would be made if this team traded down with both those picks. By moving back the Colts could go from seven draft picks to ten or eleven picks. Then this team should use the late first rounds picks to draft a receiver and offensive lineman. Which would leave the rest of the draft for Indianapolis to improve their defensive with. The final piece of the puzzle for this team would be complete by either signing a running back or trading for one with a late round pick (5th-7th). Ultimately thatā€™s the best course of action moving forward for Jim Irsay and the Colts. The extra picks acquired from trading down would also go a long way in improving things on the defensive side of the ball which Indianapolis is ranked 31st in league in. The reason these moves would have such an impact is because it collectively elevates the talent level of the roster and it keeps intact the good nucleus of Brissett and the offense.

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