The Colts will have a tough time reclaiming the AFC South:

Photo credit: Joe Robbins

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Indianapolis Colts have been a powerhouse in the AFC South for a long time but all of that came to an end last season when the Texans claimed the division. Part of that was due to Andrew Luck being banged up for most of the year but even beyond that the Colts are starting to slip talent wise. The team saw former Tight End Coby Fleener skip town for New Orleans in free agency and after he left Fleener questioned the Colts effort during the 2015 season. While talent being down will almost guarantee losing in the NFL, not giving effort is a whole other kind of failure. If youā€™re a professional athlete and you arenā€™t even willing to go out there and compete bad things are going to happen for your football team every time. The Colts put a lot of pressure on Chuck Pagano last season for under performing but truthfully the front office hasnā€™t got the job done either. That lack of quality decision making from Colts brass has caused morale to drop and part of that ripple effect is players lacking motivation to play for Indianapolis. That is why the Colts are trending downward and why the future isnā€™t looking as bright as it once did for the Colts. The team also failed to address their lackluster defense properly as well. While adding Patrick Robinson will help the secondary, the team finished 26th overall defensively and will need a significant overhaul. The offense was even worse in 2015 finishing 28th. However you know the offense is going to improve from having a healthy Luck back. The Colts should of came up with a good plan of action to address the defense in the draft. Yet when the time came the team went offensive with Ryan Kelly hoping Luck will lead the team back to AFC South supremacy. What the Colts forgot to realize is defensive wins championships in football and the team will not be able to reclaim the AFC South title in 2016 because of lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball. Itā€™s the whole organizations fault collectively as well, even though we all know they are going to make Chuck Pagano the scapegoat. It’s a sad situation for Indy and don’t expect it to get better in 2016.

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