The price tag is too high. That’s why the Cowboys should pass on Dak Prescott:

Author: Jon Kuzma

Overrated. Overpaid. Let’s face it there are some concerns when it comes to Dak Prescott. He’s not Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes. So why are the Cowboys trying to force him into a similar role. Is it because the public loves Prescott? Sure he has many admirable qualities. Prescott is an overachiever. He’s a good leader. But the problem is his lack of ability. There were points in time when we wondered if this guy was good enough to be a starting quarterback? That’s not the type of player you hand $30M a year to. Even if the contracts are bigger these days. You still have to pay the right player. Either that or the Cowboys will unravel. Prescott is a likable person. We can all agree there. But the fact is his price tag is too high. Jerry Jones has to realize that and say “I’m out.”

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