The Cowboys have a reason to panic after losing Tony Romo


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Author: Joey Carr

Every heart in Dallas dropped like a rock when their star quarterback Tony Romo went down in the third quarter of Sunday night’s game between the Cowboys and Eagles. In what seemed like a routine tackle, Romo suffered a fractured left clavicle instead of simply dusting off the hit. Dallas already has stud wideout Dez Bryant sidelined with a foot injury until week 7 and now their franchise quarterback is out for at least 8 weeks, which should have Jerry Jones and the rest of Cowboys nation very panicked.

The Cowboys were easily one of the better teams in the league coming into this season; they had arguably the best offensive line, one of the best receivers, a top 5 quarterback, and an average defense. A roster like that usually spells success for most teams, but like we’ve seen in the past, great teams are sometimes not always destined to stay great. Their offensive line is still one of the best in football but the losses of Dez Bryant and Tony Romo are huge. Gigantic. On Sunday night, the first game without Bryant, Romo had trouble finding open receivers, as he only managed 195 yards and no touchdowns in two and a half quarters of work. Now, Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley are the Cowboy’s primary receivers along with the ageless tight end Jason Witten. Brandon Weeden is now the starting quarterback for “America’s Team”; the same Brandon Weeden that struggled tremendously in Cleveland and got booted out of the city. Cowboy’s fans should sweating buckets right now. It wouldn’t be as bad if Dallas still had last year’s DeMarco Murray to lead the charge, but they don’t, and now it’s up to Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden to head the offense. However, while running behind that offensive line, anything is possible. Also, the Cowboys don’t have a game-changing defense like Seattle to keep the pressure of the offense, although they looked good Sunday night against the Eagles. Although next week we’ll really see what that defense is made of when they try to cover the seemingly unstoppable Julio Jones and his Atlanta Falcons.

If you put all of these players and dynamics together into a roster, what you end up with isn’t very pretty. Weeden isn’t the answer, not for 8 weeks at least. His past isn’t comforting in the slightest and he has shown time and time again that he just doesn’t have what it takes to be a starter, especially for a team like the Cowboys. Many fans in Dallas were chanting “Tebow Time” and even the Governor of Dallas said the Cowboys should sign the former Eagle. Right now, that is certainly a long shot at best but crazier things have happened. Others have suggested they trade for Robert Griffin III, which does seem like something Jerry Jones would do, but it would involve a lot of moving pieces and doesn’t seem likely at this time, but things could change if Weeden becomes a liability Dallas can’t afford. The Cowboys desperately need their running backs and defense to step up if they want any chance of hanging on to the NFC East Title. The rest of the division is looking surprisingly good thus far however, except for Philly, and are undoubtedly hungry to make a run at the NFC East, which definitely should have Cowboy’s fans concerned.

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