Dak Prescott believes a shorter contract is the best course of action for him. Otherwise known as the Kirk Cousins strategy:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Kirk Cousins’ contract is serving as a template for Dak Prescott. If you’re not familiar with Cousins’ deal. He took a 3-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings for $84M. The idea is that the NFL’s revenue will grow three years down the road and that means the contracts will be worth more. It’s actually a brilliant strategy but there is some risk involved. Cousins bet on himself by believing he’ll be healthy and productive over the duration of his agreement. Luckily for Cousins he’s been able to do so. But Prescott has to be careful because if he isn’t as fortunate. Then it could end up costing him a lot of money. If Prescott got hurt or had a down year. He could see his earnings go from $40M per year to much less than that. And we can’t forget that Andy Dalton is also on the Cowboys’ roster. So that makes the situation even riskier. If Dallas really wants to give Prescott a longer deal (7-years). Then he shouldn’t be fighting for a shorter contract. Because we all know how dangerous this sport is. And Prescott will be grateful to have that security if he does run into any problems. It’s like the old saying goes “better safe than sorry.”

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