The Dallas Cowboys aren’t contenders if they trade away Ezekiel Elliott:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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With news leaking out that Ezekiel Elliott could hold out of training camp in hopes of a new contract. Many sports analysts have suggested that the Dallas Cowboys should trade away Zeke. While Elliott has had some issues off the field and has also taken some hits to his reputation.

There’s no doubt he’s one of the most valuable members of this group and Dallas can’t compete for a Super Bowl without him. Yeah the team drafted Tony Pollard and Mike Weber to potentially replace Elliott but it’s unlikely they’ll be good enough to do so. You can’t trade away a player who has two rushing titles in three years. Most running backs never reach that level of success and it’s absurd to think Ezekiel Elliott is expendable. Just because halfbacks are paid less than most of the other positions on the field doesn’t mean they’re less valuable on game day. In fact it’s quite the opposite and a good ball carrier can mask a lot of a team’s problems. The Cowboys are thinking about making another Herschel Walker type of deal but now isn’t the time to do so. A move like that is okay when things aren’t going very well. However Dallas went to the playoffs last year and showed some promising signs. Why jeopardize the future when it’s completely unnecessary? The Jones family has always taken risks on troubled players and Greg Hardy and Adam “Pacman” Jones are just to name a few. Now isn’t the time for this front office to grow a conscience because they’re so close and Elliott isn’t nearly as bad as those other guys.

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