Dante Pettis is proving he can make an impact as a rookie. Jimmy Garoppolo and Pettis could be the perfect quarterback and receiver connection:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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San Francisco 49ers General Manager John Lynch took a chance on former Washington star Dante Pettis in the 2nd round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Now it looks like Pettis is ready to take the NFL by storm. The rookie is already showing a lot of promise in training camp with his smooth route running and a knack for getting opening. Pettis seems to do his best work on underneath routes and those are throws that Jimmy Garoppolo can consistently hit. When teams are trying to blitz having a receiver like Pettis makes life so much easier because he can take advantage of the open field. By rushing the passer those linebackers will vacate their area and Pettis is going to turn that into a big gain for the 49ers offense. Itā€™s easy to see how much of an advantage thatā€™s going to be on game day and Pettis doesnā€™t just get it done as a receiver either. During his time with the Huskies Pettis scored a touchdown on 9 different punt returns. We all know special teams are 1/3 of the game and when you can win on those plays itā€™s just another positive outcome for your football team. Pettis gives the 49ers a leg up in the special teams race and each touchdown he scores as a returner will significantly increase San Franciscoā€™s chances of success. John Lynch has done a great job of shaping this roster so far and Dante Pettis appears to be another win for the Hall of Famer. Some people thought a 2nd round pick was way too high for Pettis but from the looks of it Lynch is the one having the last laugh. You have to give the G.M a lot of credit for trusting his gut and making choices regardless if they’re unpopular or not.

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Dante Pettis is showing he can make an impact at 49ers training camp.

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