Deal breaker: Redskins and Kirk Cousins stall in contract talks

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Kirk Cousins had an outstanding 2015 season and that was a big reason the Washington Redskins went back to the postseason. Cousins managed to finish the year with 29 touchdowns, 4,166 passing yards and a 101.6 passer rating. If you think the Redskins are going to be anywhere near the football team they were in 2015 without Cousins, think again. This could spell disaster for Washington if they donā€™t strike a deal with Cousins somehow. That might be by placing the franchise tag on Cousins and preventing him from leaving the D.C area. While itā€™s clear the team would like to land a deal that will keep their quarterback around longer. The team has been adamant that they only sign Cousins for the right price. Meaning they didn’t want to overpay for Cousins who only has one outstanding season of work on his resume. The situation feels like Cousinsā€™ agent wants to capitalize on the big year from the 4th year player. While the team is trying to get a bargain deal to not throw their finances out of whack. In an era where we see teams overpay for players left and right. You have to respect the Redskins efforts for trying to get a good deal. However you donā€™t want to alienate the guy who led the team to an NFC East title and eventual playoff birth. If the Redskins were to franchise tag Cousins it would cost them approximately 20 million dollars for 1 season. That would allow the team to reopen negotiations next season and hopefully allow the team to strike the deal they are looking for. Still you have to ask if the Redskins are making the right move. There are plenty of teams that are looking for a quarterback, even a few in the NFC East. If they arenā€™t careful Cousins could be out the door and the team could be out of luck. Certainly something to look out for.

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