Deion Jones was a big reason the Atlanta Falcons had such a good season last year:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Atlanta Falcons selected Deion Jones with their 2nd round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and Jones had a tremendous impact as a rookie. Deion Jones recorded 108 tackles, 3 interceptions, and scored 2 defensive touchdowns for the Falcons defense. While most rookies struggle to get on the field in their first year of pro football action, Jones instead set the bar high and will be the blueprint for rookie linebackers for years to come. When you actually breakdown what makes Jones so good you immediately notice that he has exceptional speed for a linebacker. Jones can react quickly and fill a gap or he can flow side line to sideline and finish plays off. It’s Jones instincts combined with his fast twitch responses that allow him to be a great linebacker. That skill set has really elevated the Falcons defensively and they needed a player like Jones to set the tempo. Not only is Deion Jones making plays in the running game, he is also an extremely efficient pass defender as well. Jones’ speed allows him to break on those intermediate routes quickly and that’s why we seen Jones intercept 3 passes last year. The majority of defensive backs in the league didn’t record 3 interceptions so that tells you how talented Deion Jones is from a coverage perspective. Finally we have to praise Deion Jones’ big play capability. We talked about how Jones scored 2 defensive touchdowns and that’s 12 points that Atlanta got out of their middle linebacker. If the Falcons can get a few more players that can intercept passes or recover fumbles and take them to house, Atlanta will have a terrific scoring defense. The Falcons also should get a huge boost from signing Donatari Poe, a player that will help keep offensive lineman from blocking Jones. So the future is bright for the Falcons young linebacker and look for him to build upon the success he has had this up to this point. So far so good for Deion Jones.

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