DeMarco Murray is singing high praise for his offensive line, claims they’re “one of the top in the league”

Photo credit: Frederick Breedon

Author: Jon Kuzma

Running Back DeMarco Murray has recently told the NFL media that he believes his offensive line is “one of the top in the league.” While most football players would give their own team high praise, it must be noted that Murray played for the Dallas Cowboys in the past who are known for their offensive line play. Murray was very respectful of his past team’s offensive front but it’s also very clear that Murray believes his teammates in Tennessee can compete with Dallas. Murray continued on saying that Jack Conklin, Taylor Lewan, and the rest of the Titans offense lineman work “extremely hard” and “handle themselves on and off the field.” Clearly Murray has a lot of respect for the guys blocking in front of him and truthfully it’s a good move morale wise to give the hogs upfront a little bit of spotlight. By showing his appreciation for their efforts Murray can earn a deep trust with his blockers. That should motivate Conklin, Lewan and Ben Jones to give everything they got when it comes time to get down and dirty in the running game. Football is a unique sport in the fact that it takes so many different players executing their jobs properly in order for an offensive play to be successful. DeMarco Murray is a veteran in this league and he understands that process to the fullest extent. By endorsing the guys he goes to battle with, DeMarco Murray has effectively built up this team’s cohesion which should make the Titans even better. We’ve all seen Any Given Sunday where the Miami Sharks unravel under a self centered Willie Beaman. DeMarco Murray decided to take the opposite approach and it’s a reflection of the attitude the Tennessee Titans have right now. Everyone in the Titans’ locker room truly believe they can compete at the highest level.

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