What team is better for DeMeco Ryans the Broncos or Texans?

Author: Jon Kuzma


DeMeco Ryans is a front-runner for two NFL coaching jobs right now. The Broncos and the Texans both want him. So it makes you wonder which team is the better fit? The Broncos defense is loaded with talent. They kept that team in a lot of games this past year. Only to have their offense come up short time after time again. Which means Ryans could do a lot with that Broncos defense. But then he has to go against Patrick Mahomes or Justin Herbert twice a year. The other option is going with the Texans. Ryans played there for most of his career. The Texans are also in a way easier division in the AFC South. Therefore it’s something to think about if you’re Ryans. We’ll see what he does soon.

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