The Denver Broncos defense can be elite because Bradley Chubb is living up to his potential:

Photo credit: Andy Cross / Denver Post

Author: Jon Kuzma

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Letā€™s make one thing clear the Denver Broncos are Von Millerā€™s team. Miller is easily the best player on this roster and it all starts and ends with him. However it was the addition of Bradley Chubb which really took this group to the next level.

The 2018 first round pick is also a pass rushing specialist. While Miller gets the job done with his quickness. Chubb is more powerful and tends to rely on his bull rush. Even though their styles are different Chubb was still effective as a rookie recording 12 sacks. Offenses canā€™t leave one-on-one blocking on Chubb or theyā€™ll end up getting overpowered. So that creates a predicament when it comes to pass protection because Von Miller is also a huge threat. Having to account for both guys puts you in between a rock and a hard place because sooner or later one of those players will break loose. Itā€™s not just the sacks that teams have to worry about either. Chubb is getting very good at coming down the line and stuffing runs that are away from him. Meaning that he can make his opponents somewhat one dimensional and that plays right into Denverā€™s favor. The Broncos actually want teams to pass because they have all of the tools to consistently win those battles. Theyā€™re licking their chops when quarterbacks drop back and this is one of the main reasons theyā€™re a sleeper team. Talent wins games and you could see the strides this group was making a year ago. With Chubbā€™s progression 2019 could be even better and the worst of Denverā€™s struggles are in the past.

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Denver is getting better because Bradley Chubb is living up to his potential.


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