Denver Broncos: Johnny on the phone?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Denver Broncos reached out and and had negotiations with Johnny Manziel today. No official contract was struck but the team did show interest by speaking with Manziel and entertaining the notion. John Elway has met with Colin Kaepernick in recent weeks and with that deal potentially falling through. The Broncos have to seek other means at the quarterback position. Signing Manziel could be an option for the Broncos and he would bring in a similar skill set as Colin Kaepernick does. Gary Kubiak was the member of the Broncos organization who directly spoke to Manziel and both the sides have started preliminary talks which could result in a deal in the near future. The Broncos are imminent on waiting to see if any chargers are going to come from Manzielā€™s latest issue in his personal life. Regardless it seems like Kubiak still believes in Manziel as a football player and would like to help him turn his life around personally. The Broncos would be a great opportunity for Manziel because if he does make a serious commitment to playing football he could beat out Mark Sanchez and seize that job. Truthfully it shouldn’t matter what Johnny Manziel does in his personal life, that is his business not ours. However when it comes to showing up and playing football. Manziel has to make a commitment during the season to his teammates and to the owner who is paying him his contract. If you can have a little fun in your personal life and still manage to show up and do your job on the field. Then by all means go out and have all the fun in the world. Once it starts to affectĀ your ability to concentrate on football and win football games for your team, then it has to be corrected. Manziel will get another chance to be a professional player but if he drops the ball again, this will be the last chance he gets. Lets see if this deal ever materializes and if Manziel at Mile High is the answer to all his problems.

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