The Denver Broncos need to understand that Von Miller is one of the best things they have going for them. Miller is the last player John Elway should be concerned about:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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There was a little bit of drama that came out of Denver recently. Apparently John Elway was discussing some of the corrections the team needs to make and the Broncos general manager said Von Miller can play better. That triggered an Instagram post from Millerā€™s mother which talked about her son being the main reason Denver won the Super Bowl back in 2016. And hereā€™s the problem with this whole situation. John Elway stepped completely out of bounds by suggesting Miller can do more for his squad. Von Miller has had over 10 sacks for the last five seasons and he’s recorded 98 career sacks which have all came in a Broncos jersey. With one glance at those stats you can see that Miller has been doing everything he can to elevate this organization from ruins for the past two seasons. With how god awful things have been on offense itā€™s appalling to even hint at Miller being the problem in the Mile High City. Millerā€™s mother was right, John Elway has to look in the mirror and be critical of himself first and foremost. The quarterback situation has been dreadful and every guy was hand picked by Elway. The irony of all of that is Elway was a quarterback himself but heā€™s struggled to evaluate that position during his time as a GM. Now in Elwayā€™s defense he did nail this past draft by picking Bradley Chubb and Courtland Sutton. Denver canā€™t trade Miller because breaking up that Chubb / Miller pass rushing combo would cause their defense to unravel but Elway has to watch his words. Things havenā€™t gone well after hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy a couple of years ago and the last thing an underachieving executive needs is a public backlash. Even though Von Miller is getting older if heā€™s traded to someone else it would be the nail in the coffin for John Elway.

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Von Miller is one of the best things the Broncos have going for them and John Elway is on the cusp of messing it up.

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