The Denver Broncos should sign John Brown and Trent Brown in free agency and then select Irv Smith Jr. in the 2nd round of the draft. Those moves would be a big achievement for their offense:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Everyone knows the Denver Broncos offense has been the weakest link of their football team the last two years and that has to be John Elway’s main focus heading into free agency and the draft. After trading for Joe Flacco and getting a new quarterback to lead the charge. Now the team should go and get Flacco’s top target during his final year in Baltimore. That was John Brown and 4 out of 5 of Brown’s 2018 touchdowns came when Flacco was the starter. It’s because those two work the vertical passing game exceptionally well and it wouldn’t cost Denver much to add the veteran receiver.

Once all of that is taken care Elway should target former Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown. At 6’8” 359 pounds he’s a massive lineman who can physically dominate his opponents. It seemed like New England ran to the left behind T. Brown whenever they needed to pickup a crucial first down or touchdown. You need blockers that can bring a little bit of nastiness up front and this guy usually wins his one on one battles. Together those two pieces would make that group much more competitive. Then the Broncos should target Ed Oliver or Christian Wilkins in the first round to keep the defense improving. Elway can follow that up by selecting Irv Smith Jr. with their 2nd round pick. Smith Jr. was outstanding at the University of Alabama and he’d be less risky than taking a tight end in the 10th overall spot. Flacco needs weapons who can get behind the secondary and outside of T.J Hockenson Smith is the best at going deep. John Brown and Irv Smith Jr. can stretch the field and the Broncos would finally be able to put up some quick scores. It’s been a while since that’s been the case.

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If the Denver Broncos can get John Brown, Trent Brown, and Irv Smith Jr. it would be a big achievement.

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